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Air Rifle and Air Pistol Target Shooting

Firing Air weapons is a safe activity when conducted in a controlled, supervised way.

This event is supervised at all times by fully qualified instructors. Who are both CRB checked, and NRA accredited. We will brief you on how to use both the air rifle and/or air pistols. Air guns are easy to operate and can be fun and rewarding when you do it right.

Practise on spinners, tin cans and paper targets. Once you have gained confidence and mastered the necessary skills (a steady hand as well as the ability to stay calm under pressure), we can introduce scoring. You can take your paper target home with you as proof of you skills.

We have both .22 calibre air rifles and .177 calibre pistols available.

The air rifles we use are single size which some people may find quite heavy. The minimum age for participating is 8 years. Young children may need the help of a responsible adult to help them. All the participants in the group are provided with safety goggles or glasses for shooting.

Sessions last approximately 30 minutes with each participant shooting around 30 shots. Additional shots can be purchased if required.

A note of safety, any person who fails to immediately obey the instructions of the Instructor will be removed from the activity.

Field Sports Package - Archery, Crossbows and Air Rifles

Combine these 3 events and take advantage of discounted rates, for individuals and groups alike. Please ask for details.

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