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Military Range Package, Age 16+

Half Day for individuals or groups
Full Day for groups only

This package is designed for individuals who like, or would like to try, shooting different types of weapons.

You will be transported back in time and will try your hand at archery and crossbows, before moving on to modern day weapons. Once you have improved your marksmanship skills, you will move onto our unique CQB (close quarter battle) range, where you will be tested on shooting skills and movement. You will advance down a lane, track or work you way round a building, engaging a range of different targets. Be sure not to hit any friendly ones! You'll need your wits about you. This can be run on it's own, or be included in our other packages. It works really well run as a competition.

Depending on whether you decide on a half or full day you might take part in the following:

Knife Throwing
Spear Throwing
Tomahawk Throwing
Ninja Star Throwing
Grenade Throwing
Air pistol Target Shooting
Air Rifle Sniper Stand
CQB, indoor & outdoor (Airsoft Package)

If you have any questions or would like to discuss the most suitable package for your experience please contact us.

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