Quarantine is back for 2018 – think of it as Series 3!


Twilight on Friday 26th and Saturday 27th October.

Timeslots will run every 15 minutes from 7PM to 10PM. The event lasts about 1 hour. Up to sixteen people make up a group in each timeslot - and groups will be made up as per booking. When you book your time session, your session has a name, take note of this.

Tickets are £26. Click on the link to purchase:


On the Elveden Estate – registration is in The Walled Garden upon arrival. You’ll journey through Woodland, in darkness, over uneven terrain.

Free parking will be available at The Elveden Courtyard.


The Zombie Apocalypse is still threatening the quiet counties of East Anglia. Quarantine is back for another year, for two nights only – find out if you’re a survivor or more like fresh bait.

Tickets are £26 per person. But what does this include we hear you ask! Well, without giving too much away (we like to keep it authentic) you’ll receive Weapon Training with a weapon of your choice, before your group will head into the woods, long story short, you have to reach the safe zone…... Keep quiet or they’ll hear you, keep together or they’ll take you!

Finish off your evening and celebrate your survival (providing you make it..) at The Safe Zone – where drinks, both alcoholic and soft, and food will be available to purchase.


During this Explore adventure you will:
- Practice zombie weapon training
- Enjoy a stroll in the woods.....
- And ultimately get an experience that you won't forget!

We don't want to give too much away and ruin the fun so as usual the rest will have to be left to your imagination until the night!

Quarantine is designed to test your reactions and your ability to survive the apocalypse. If you do not like the dark, the outdoors, being frightened, uneven ground or the unknown this event might not be for you.

If you are pregnant you had better sit this one out.

Anyone with an injury that hinders movement or known heart problems please don't put yourself at risk.

Even though it is hilarious fun, this event probably isn't best for the faint hearted or those of a nervous disposition.


Quarantine is an outdoor event. Outside in the open air, in woodland, under the night sky. It will be extremely dark and the ground is uneven. So please wear sensible footwear for the occasion - absolutely no open toe shoes. Please wear clothing that is appropriate for a Halloween experience that will have you outside and on the move.

Please arrive AT LEAST 30 minutes before your start time - due to the nature of the event any latecomers will not be allowed entry.

Quarantine will go ahead no matter what the weather (with the exception of hurricanes, very high winds or an actual apocalypse).


Rules are there are no rules!! We're joking. Of course there are rules. We like to think that we are still a civilised species so please adhere to the rules below.

NO contact between scarers and survivors - this rule goes both ways. Violators and gropers will be taken out and handed over to the Law or the Infected, we will decide on the night.

NO alcohol consumption before or during the run (save the party for afterwards!) You will NOT be allowed to take part if you are under the influence of anything, unless it is sheer excitement.

Unsuitable for children under 13 years. Children 16 years and under must be accompanied by an adult, otherwise you will not be able to enter.


Would you rather spend October playing dead, are you a zombie enthusiast or an apocalypse expert? Join our zombie team this year!

Come dressed and ready to scare or get your make up done on the night by our team. 'Join us for all three events and receive one of our Quarantine Hoodies as a Thank You!

We are looking for Spookers for 26th, 27th, 28th October – if you want to come and play just let us know! Send us an email or give us a ring, contact details below.


Please note Tickets are Non-Refundable. Please see Terms and Conditions on our website.

Please contact us via the details below if you want more info or if there is an especially large group of you who would like to attend the Apocalypse.

Give us a bell on - 07840 380004
Send us a note to –
Message via Quarantine's Facebook Page: Quarantine by Explore 4x4

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